Understanding mixed and interracial relationships from close quarters

interracial relationships

Mixed and interracial relationships have become a point of much research in the past few years. There have been instances when people after entering interracial relationships have looked back and relived their struggles and problems they have gone through. Interracial relationships are not always marred with only struggles they have their own share of comfort, advantages and solace which gives people the motivation to take the plunge and enjoy their life as if it’s a party.

The various benefits of mixed – interracial relationships

The first and foremost benefit of being in an interracial relationship is that you have your mind opened up to learn a new culture a new lifestyle that your partner brings into the relationship. You and your family are continually opened up to different ways of life. The chance to learn a new language a new way of life a few rich cultural values is introduced to you without doing much effort. You just need to flow with the changes that happen gradually in your life with your partner giving you surprises almost every day.

Anna had never though in her life that she would be able to eat noodles with two sticks but on her first sojourn with her boyfriend to mainland China she not only learned the art of having her food with chopsticks but also started taking my mandarin classes in New York. No one forced Anna but the love for her prospective husband’s culture and family of which she is going to be apart next year urged her to take the decision.

Every day is a new experience when you are into an interracial relationship

Anna brings out the fact that it’s not always that you are going to be treated nicely everywhere. While shopping at a Mall when she wanted to make a choice for her dress and wanted her boyfriend Chang to make the choice, Anna was met with surprised looks from the sales girls. Chang has a different taste for clothes and Anna loves to dress for him. But the choice of the sales girls who were from the race as Anna were not really approving of the choice of dress.

One needs to get used to judgments being thrown like snowballs in an interracial relationship. People will not always be kind towards you and may speak out their mind which of course is hurtful many times. Ignoring such kind of behavior is the key to not getting pissed off. White parents may disapprove their kids of dating someone black and vices versa however these disapprovals turn into approvals with time and persistence from the couple. Many couples are of the view that parents especially the ones who consider themselves as pure breeds will never approve of their kids dating and mixing interracially.

Mixed babies from interracial relationships are a class apart

First and foremost they have the most distinguishing features. One of my friends had a cousin whose parents were from different races. Now that cousin of my friend knew three languages since his mother taught him two and he learnt the third language while living with his father’s extended family. He had the looks that no other kid in the school had and was quite popular among the kids. He got to lay his hands on a foreign assignment sponsored by college just because he was fluent in French and the research required data collection from French speaking individuals. All single race kids who knew only English but had far better chances of getting selected were left out because of that language handicap.

Kids with interracial parents get a chance to be exposed to two different cultures which of course raise their horizon of seeing things. They are more accommodating of different religions and races within the community and geographical areas they live in. Such kids generally have a logical view point and make as great leaders and mediators.

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