I love this man beyond words and I’m so glad to be his wife!

mixed family

Me and my husband met on a dating site. He messaged me and we eventually exchanged phone numbers. One night stayed on the phone for hours and I told him I was ready to him that night. He came to my street and we walked up and down the block for hours ending with a kiss goodnight and a promise that we’d hang out tomorrow. We went on a couple of dates. He kept asking me to be his girlfriend and I kept saying no lol. But Jan 19 We became official.

2 months later we signed our first lease. We then became pregnant. In July 2015 we gave birth to our son. He proposed in December in the snowy mountains. And married just last year in September. We have been through so much as a couple. Growing with each other. Struggling with each other and learning from each other. Post partum depression was in full effect and he stayed by my side the entire time

I love this man beyond words. And I’m so glad to be his wife.

Story by AJ



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