How to know your relationships is about to be over

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What signs should you pick up on how to know your relationship is over?

Usually, instinct is the first thing to go by. However, even before a relationship ends, there are things that happen that lead to the end of a relationship. There are signs that can make you realize that the end is near

While most relationships are positive, some end badly. Here is a way to avoid staying in a relationship that isn’t going to work.

Signs that a relationship is almost over

1. Change in behavior

A sudden change in the behavior of your partner is one of the things to look out for. If, for instance, someone was nice then suddenly they start being mean to you, then something is definitely up.

2. When your partner is not keen on doing things together is how to know your relationship is over

Most couples usually have activities they do together that bind them together. Once the other person starts losing interest in these things, it means they don’t value your time together. It clearly means they would rather be hanging out with other people than you.

3. Hanging out with friends later than usual

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If for instance someone was always there for you but suddenly they are going out and coming home at wee hours of the morning, then you better watch out. Call out that behavior. If there is no change then its time to start packing your bags.

4. Staying late at work

Yes, you might excuse this because people have to work. Once in a while, a person may have to stay late at work. But if it becomes a regular excuse, something is amiss. Your partner is either avoiding spending time with you or they are being unfaithful. Investigate to ascertain where the truth really lies.

5. Long awkward conversations and constant arguements

interracial couple arguingWhen someone starts picking fights with you for no reason, then it means they are tired of the relationship. If you are constantly on each other’s throats, then its a sign that things aren’t working out.

Hope all the above signs are helpful in how to know your relationship is over.

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