How to get liked on a dating site

Online dating has entered our lives for good. Long gone are the days when online dating was considered to be something out of the ordinary. Now everyone wants to join the online dating community on various online dating services. And one of the things everyone on those online dating services wants to be like through their profiles.

Coming across as likeable on your dating profile is something you want and need to get attention to the online dating sites. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your profile as likeable as it gets.

Look like the beauty you are!

Don’t hesitate pictures that you look beautiful in! You have that gorgeous face. Don’t be afraid to show your awesome pictures. Find pictures that show confidence and confidently post them on your dating profiles. Just keep in mind that there are some pictures that may make you look a bit cocky. To begin with, a profile picture with your face is a must when it comes to dating profiles. Post a picture of you showing that face with a smile. Try avoiding pictures with other people with you on your dating profile, since it is you looking for a date and not your friends. Friend pictures can get confusing on dating profiles. Also, try not to have a body picture as your first profile picture. Not that showing off your body is a bad thing, but having body pictures as the first thing someone sees may come across as cocky. In addition, t that, don’t use a picture from like 10 years ago. Please don’t. Use recent photos and keep updating.

Don’t be a cliché my dear

“I enjoy long walks on the beach and gazing at the stars dreaming of love” – that’s dated and honestly kind of weird. Don’t go the route of the old lovers. Overly dramatic bios and soapy statements on profiles don’t do well nowadays.

Be honest about what you represent and don’t think too much about what you are putting out in the world. The best thing to have on your dating profile is accurate and honest information about you, so that when people meet you don’t find something out that you are completely different from what you are portraying online.

Oh and… be careful with your grammar on dating websites.

What do you do in your free time? Now adjust that.

It’s nice having your hobbies on your online dating profiles, but sometimes it’s good to think about you hobbies before posting them. The people looking at you online want to know what they might have in common with you but also how their life would cohere with yours. If your hobbies on your dating profile is “Internet”, that may come across that on your first date you would be looking at your phone screen more than you would look at your date’s face. Try to choose hobbies that make you sound like a sociable person, such as activities that can happen with other people. Like playing a sport, or road trips or even visiting places such as museums etc.

Be the positive person you want others to be.

Smile in your picture and keep a positive mood on your dating website. Being murky and serious doesn’t always come across very well. Put your best smile on and have a positive description and you will attract positive people as well.


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