How to avoid awkward conversations in an interracial dating relationship

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Being in a relationship which is interracial dating is like riding a rollercoaster. It starts off slow and pleasant, and you can somewhat enjoy it. Then, all of a sudden, it speeds up. The next thing you know, you’re going up and down, then sideways and up again and down again, and then you’re upside down and then right side up, and so on and so forth. You either enjoy the ride or you swear to never go back in it again.

Yes, relationships are definitely an interesting rollercoaster ride. But being in an interracial relationship really throws you for some curves.

It has its upsides, of course. You’re opening your eyes and widening your horizons to a whole new world while you’re getting to know your partner. You get to show them things from your culture and vice versa.

The following are the ways to avoid awkward conversations in an interracial dating relationships.


Respect each other’s culture, belief and traditions

Each on us knows the importance of culture and traditions. Being in a relationship coming from a different race is amazing but we need to know our conversations by knowing each other’s culture. Respect to one another is one of the key to have a strong relationship. We need to understand that each one of us came from different practices as we grow. Being sensitive is a great to handle any challenges may come.

I’d encourage some thorough discussions about this. Find out each other’s cultural preferences and learn to try them together. Embrace each other’s backgrounds while building a new culture in your home.

Know your limitations

In an interracial relationship you need to be mindful with your actions and words you say. It likes posting on a social that you need to think before you click. You might go below the belt that may hurt someone.  It’s your initiative to pause if you that it might feel awkward on your partner and of course you need to know body gestures because that the simple ways to recognize right away.

Negative Reactions

This is one of the most important things to figure out as a couple is how you will handle negative reactions. There are people who have quoted bible verses at me to declare my marriage is unbiblical though they had no idea I knew those verses very well and knew they had taken them out of context. As well there have been people who commented on how our kids would look and have made several other negative statements. I was surprised the extent of the opposition that has come. Interracial couples can hear negative feedback from church members, co-workers, friends, extended family and even sometimes immediate family. Talking through this together as a couple is important.

Racial Identity

Race has different meaning for different people. Some people embrace their racial make-up, others may avoid it. Some people take pride in going to certain ethnic events that represent much from their background and much of their racial identity. It can affect your choice in foods, movies, music, churches, clothing and even social groups. The difficulty for an interracial couple is that naturally this can all be ignored. But for the health of your relationship, this is a great conversation to have. It ultimately will help you to know each other better and to know what preferences you have over different things.


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