3 differences between a free online dating site and a paid dating site

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If you want to try online dating, then there are many dating sites to choose from. There are both free dating sites and paid dating sites and choosing between the two can be confusing. These are the major differences between the two types of sites.

Nature of dating

If you are casual about dating and just want to meet people without spending anything, then you should sign up for the free sites. If you are new to online dating sites, then free sites are a good way to get to know how these sites work. If you are looking for a serious relationship, then you should subscribe to a paid site.


The free sites are open to everyone. You will find many members who are not looking for any serious relationship. People sign up to these sites just to have some fun and spend their idle time. Some people sign up just to be curious. So, when you search for someone on these sites you will get a list of people who just want to talk and not get into any relationship. If you are serious about finding your soul mate through these sites, then you won’t find a good match through these free sites. The quality of paid sites is better. You will find people who are serious about a relationship like you are. There will be less chance that there will be any scammers as users can be identified through their credit card details.

Search results

Free sites have limited functionality. They provide search results based on location rather than interests. So, you will see people who live close by, instead of those who share the similar interests. The paid sites conduct compatibility tests, so you will find people whose values and interests matches with that of yours. So, you get better search results using paid sites.


Both the sites offer a huge database of members to choose from. So, the type of site you choose depends on your objective of using the site.

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